The AcademiesKarmYog Integral Teachers Academy


  • The need for teacher training throughout India is significant. Targets to deliver induction as well as continuing teacher training are woefully unmet. A program that delivers effective, pragmatic training to teachers delivered to them at the school or locally would be very-well received. The core challenges every state faces in training its teachers are two-fold: how to deliver locally so that teachers don’t have to disrupt their lives and leave their classroom for extended periods, and how to reach this large audience without profoundly diluting the quality of the learning experience. Integral Teacher Academy would deliver training to the teachers on site. Our OmniDEL™ approach is thoroughly aligned with the National Curriculum Framework’s mandates. Our training would focus on the fundamentals:

  • Creating a classroom culture for learning

  • Effective teaching strategies that engage students

  • Preparing students for livelihood and the real challenges they face

  • Brand Tie-in:

  • This may be an academy without a brand tie-in, as this may be precluded by law in public schools.

  • LearningWare:

  • The national objective is for 20 days of training for all teachers. As with most training, the real challenge is not in disseminating information, but impacting behavior and attitudes. The National Curriculum Framework is largely focused on changing the culture of education from rote learning and memorization to a higher order of problem solving. Our OmniDEL™ approach will have powerful impact on teachers’ development. Our program will deliver support to schools over a span of years to achieve critical goals.

  • Distribution:

  • Our distribution network in urban and rural areas will be leveraged, and we will also partner with other organizations and government agencies that reach schools. Because our curriculum does not require a skilled trainer, schools may be able to self-administer much of this training in-house.

  • Targets:

  • 5 years – learners 200,000 Average revenue each Rs 5000.Total revenue Rs 100 Cr.

  • Keys to Meeting Targets :

  • The critical success factor is developing business relationships with government bureaucracies, and we will retain a CEO with this background. While these relationships are being developed, we will initially engage with private schools who also need teacher training.