The FoundationTechnology

KarmYog has mature learning technologies that enable our OmniDEL™ Academies to deliver learning based on the needs of the learning audience. This is a powerful asset.

  • OmniDEL™ Group Learning Platform is our core technology. People learn best in small groups where they can interact, collaborate and compete. Our OmniDEL Group Learning Platform is a robust platform that powers this group learning through our Mega and Micro Junctions.

  • OmniDEL™ Apps. Mobile devices are excellent tools to deliver a range of OmniDEL experiences – from on-going on the job mentoring to specific practice support tools to our Delight-O-Meter that allows consumers to give direct feedback on OmniDEL™ trained individuals.

  • OmniDEL™ eLearning Network. eLearning supports individual learning and supports community discussion and learning. Our OmniDEL™ eLearning Network platform grew from our decade of experience providing learning management tools to corporate training environments.