The FoundationStrategy

Scale the magical teacher and deliver uncompromising learning experiences:

  • KEN delivers better learning to a wider audience – especially in our markets – than has been done before. We create effective learning experiences that can scale. Our learning solutions focus on outcomes needed in the real world and on fostering the required behavior changes. Our product-based strategy creates the business model to invest in quality LearningWare. The result is we are leaders at delivering scalable media-based learning in our markets.

  • Focus on specific needs of large audiences:

  • KEN focuses on large audiences that are underserved, where there is incredible need, and where there are the kinds of volume where our capacity to scale superior learning creates distinct advantages for us.

  • Orchestrate the Marriage of Marketing and Mass Learning initiatives:

  • The scale of our reach and on-ground contact supports large scale activation sponsorships. We will encounter millions and engage them in ways sponsors value, creating revenues that make learning more accessible. This includes branded learning experiences – Indian Idol Academy and Mahindra Driver Academy are prototype initiatives.

  • Create a new kind of relationship with the learner:

  • KEN supports our learning audiences from their perspective. We provide a new level of customer centric learning through a comprehensive suite of mature technologies and a distribution network that reaches people on their terms. We deliver the best possible learning targeted at important but unmet needs at the neighborhood level at a price that most can afford.  

  • Deploy an integrated organizational strategy: effective, efficient and purposeful:

  • KEN penetrates multiple markets quickly and leverages critical synergies across them through our organizational strategy. KEN deeply believes it should genuinely contribute to India’s and her people’s well-being, that these values should not be compromised and that this commitment will generate extraordinary financial performance.