The FoundationOverview

Two powerful forces of 21st century – multimedia and technology can have tremendous impact on the way people learn. The learning is made omnipresent by these two forces therefore it can be imbibed by people at large. The ease of access and high quality engagement acts as a motivation factor for learning. But traditionally this learning is more visible in outside the classroom setting. Learning on movie stars, sports stars, latest events etc validate this phenomenon. People don’t go to classes to know about Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan or Anna Hazare.


Why can’t the same magic work in training and education for skill development. Why is it that the learning that would help a person to earn his livelihood does not excite him? We think we have a solution and we call it

OmniDEL™ deals with three main issues:

1. The Learning Experience engages the learner Omni-Dimensionally: physical, praanic(energy), mental and spiritual dimensions of the person
2. The Learning Experience uses all Media, Technology and Delivery-distribution devices
3. The Learning Experience has different phases A one-time high to awaken the learner Continuous learning support Refresher programs

The culmination of multimedia, technology and aesthetics with knowledge makes learning engaging and hence effective. Since the learning aides are on a technological platform the training is on demand. This helps in scaling the training to unprecedented level and makes it economical. Our approach is pioneered by an education visionary sourabh J. sarkar; an IIT KGP graduate who realized 20 years ago, that the emerging interactive technology and engaging media could be used to transform learning. This led him to study media and education in US. He set out on a journey of innovation and the culmination of decades of sadhana and tup has resulted in OmniDEL™.