The Advantage The Teacher

KarmYog does not rely on live, on site teachers. When you consider very large markets, and what it takes to scale learning to these markets, relying on teachers and trainers becomes an enormous constraint. This train-the-trainer model creates four problems.

  •  First, it is expensive.

  •  Second, it is slow to scale.

  • Third, as it cascades down and down, the magic and power of the initial point erodes. Who hasn’t seen a trainer in front of a class reading a power point slide on the wall?

  • Finally, it requires larger capital investments into campuses, and this, in turn, requires long commutes by the learner. No teacher means we can deliver neighborhood-based training, almost like home delivery of pizza.

  • OmniDEL™ instead uses what we call "Tab-Masters." They do not train. They administer and distribute. Tab-Masters are specially trained facilitators who are empowered with tablets, laptops, projectors and other collaterals to deliver and manage an OmniDEL™ sessions.

    Our OmniDEL™ LearningWare is the “teacher.” We know it is superior, far superior to the train the trainer model.