The AcademiesOverview

KarmYog is creating OmniDEL™ Academies that each serves a specific market. These markets are typically underserved, important, and large. This approach allows KarmYog to target market to specific niche audiences while retaining scale economies across the entire set of Academies.

Each Academy has critical elements in common.

  • Relies on our OmniDEL™ approach to using media and technology – "LearningWare" - so that no teacher or trainer is required. This ensures consistent, high quality learning experience at low cost – much more effective and less costly than a train-the-trainer approach.

  • Uses multiple technology platforms to deliver the training to the market on its own terms. While Academies may use web-based training, the internet is not typically the primary delivery platform and will play only a supporting role. Local, small-group learning delivered in neighborhoods or at the workplace are the most common delivery. Tablet-based apps also play a key role especially when there is on-going mentoring involved.

  • Academies launched or near launch

  • Indian Idol Academy – Addressing the market for voice and performance training, focusing primarily on children and adolescents. In partnership with Fremantle Media, owner of the Idol brand.

  • Mahindra Road Transport Academy – Addressing commercial driver training on technical and soft skills. In partnership with Mahindra Commercial Vehicles.
  • Passenger Car Driver Academy – KEN’s first project, Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya? has already trained nearly 20,000 drivers in 2 years and is now expanding its reach.

  • Next Wave of Academies

    These academies are in the process of formation, launching in 2014-2015

  • Miss India Academy - Addressing Womens' dreams & aspirations (beauty & lifestyle)

  • The Integral Teacher Academy - Addressing the area of Teachers’ Training

  • Money Matters Academy - Addressing Personal Financial Planning