The AdvantagePedagogy

The objective of designing any learning program is to impart some knowledge or technique that enable the learner to act, think and be in new ways as the result of going through a learning experience.

  • The heart of learning is the learning experience of the student. The heart of KarmYog Education Net is our OmniDEL™ approach to designing learning. OmniDEL™ stands for Omni Dimensionally Engaging Learning. Our OmniDEL™ is a groundbreaking approach to learning that engages the physical, pranic, mental and spiritual aspects of learners. The result of this approach is a much more energized, engaged and motivated learner.

  • Approach the learning though our Ready to SKIP system ("Skills and Knowledge into Practice"): focus on pragmatic outcomes that improve livelihood capacity and organizational productivity by emphasizing the ongoing practice of behaviors and attitudes. We build on-going interaction with learners into all our Academies to provide the support needed to change behavior.