The AdvantageOverview

OmniDEL™ stands for Omni Dimensionally Engaging Learning. This approach to learning emerges from the fundamental belief that:

  • The goal of all learning is transformation of the learner. The objective of education is to enable the learner to think and act with new knowledge and skills.

  • The unit of any developmental and transformational program is the learning experience.

  • The learning experience is an outcome of subjective aspects of the learner as well as objective aspects of the learning program.

  • In order to effectively connect with all the subjective aspects of the learner, learning experiences ought to be designed to engage their physical, pranic, mental and spiritual dimensions.

  • The onset of the transformational journey starts through learning experiences that awaken the student, and carries on through the process of engaged practice over time.

  • OmniDEL™ is put into play in our way of designing LearningWare, in how we use technology and in how we deliver our Academies.