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  • KarmYog Travel and Tourism was KEN’s first Focused Learning Company. Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya? was its first project which trained nearly 20,000 drivers in less than two years. This ground-breaking use of our OmniDEL approach to learning has now led to an initiative with Mahindra Commercial Vehicles to form Mahindra Road Academy for commercial drivers which expands the focus from soft skills to technical driving skills. Pawan continues to make inroads in to the market, and plans to create a national movement for driver safety that leverages Pawan is under way.

  • Brand Tie-in:

  • Mahindra Road Safety is a clear expression of this strategy, and we are aggressively pursuing a similar deal with passenger car driver training.

  • LearningWare:

  • Pawan is a proven winner. It alone was strong enough to enroll Fremantle Media into the Indian Idol Academy initiative, and enroll NSDC to provide debt funding. The first courses in Mahindra Road Transport are nearing completion.

  • Distribution:

  • Mahindra and KarmYog are joining forces to create distribution through the trucking industry.

  • Targets:

  • The goal for both commercial and passenger driver training are ambitious: 5 million in each sector over a 5 year period. This kind of vision attracts government interest and is required if India’s road safety is to be impacted.

  • Keys to Meeting Targets :

  • These are bold visions that require significant sponsorship and distribution networks.