The AdvantageReady 2 SKIP

Low productivity, high attrition, de motivated employees, continuous hiring, too much emphasis on theoretical training, no formal hand holding system etc. Sounds familiar?

If yes, then you are in for some good news. All the above woes will be answered by our Ready to SKIP learning Model.

Ready to SKIP is a meticulously managed and scalable learning campaign, which includes:
Learning festivals and Events - To source and select candidates eNreach™ Group Collaborative Learning (GCL) programs: To orient Wakhibahal: To get to know the company Tab Masters - To manage on the job training Opposed to classroom training or traditional e learning, Ready to SKIP integrates work, life and learning with real time experience. Thus making learners - Ready to put their Skills and Knowledge Into Practice. At each step of the Ready to SKIP model, the learners are rated based on client specifications. SKIP Master certified candidates are ready to hit the floor as soon as they are hired. All Ready to SKIP Programs are rich in multi media content, backed by modern technology. Traditional training pedagogies are replaced by OmniDel™ experience. Get ready for guaranteed outcome, less attrition, reduced training costs, rapid scaling and ongoing performance support .