The AcademiesIndian Idol Academy

Indian Idol Academy is KarmYog’s flagship academy. Created in partnership with Fremantle Media, owner of the global Idol brand, Indian Idol Academy transforms the performing arts training market.

  • Using KarmYog's OmniDEL™ approach to learning, now the essence of the Idol brand – its quality and excitement – can reach local neighborhoods and deliver a program of unparalleled excellence.

  • Indian Idol Academy's primary market is children and adolescents. It teaches vocal performance and relies upon the wisdom of the greats in the field to do this.

  • Music training in India is as old as the race itself. Indian parents love to enrich their children culturally through music and dance. Indian Idol Academy is a mix of the traditional with contemporary. It goes beyond the normal brick and mortar structure of any other academy. The instruction is multimedia based. It exploits the best possibilities of technology in developing a courseware that is thoroughly interactive and intensely engaging. It reinforces the free spirit of music.

  • The program is designed to reach out to every child and help them to nurture their love for singing and performing. It will develop confident, well-rounded singers, ready to compete with the best. The Indian Idol Academy program is divided into 4 stages of learning and development: The first stage is the jaagaran stage, where we awaken the spirit of singing and performing among the learners. This happens via the Indian Idol Academy Learning Festival. This is followed by...

    A 3 month long Music Discovery Course...

    A 6 month long Talent Development Course...

    and finally the Learning from the Legends Course.

  • Indian Idol Academy pilot is currently rolling out in Ahmedabad and Kolkata. The Academy will expand across India over the next 3 years to 40 cities.