The AdvantageThe Campus

Our OmniDEL™ Campus is decidedly different from the traditional academic campus – and is also markedly different from the eLearning campus. An OmniDEL™ campus is a combination of real and virtual spaces for learning but the instruction does not use a teacher or trainer. It includes brick-and-mortar learning centers in every city, town and locality as well as technology enabled devices and media that are used to provide specific kinds of learning experiences.

  •  Mega Junctions are centers that form the focal point for branding and marketing purposes. They provide the kinds of resources for more advanced experiences. For example, the mega-junction in Indian Idol Academy has a performance stage with all a/v equipment needed to give students the chance to perform in a professional environment.

  •  Micro Junctions provide custom-designed, neighborhood-based classrooms where the most of the OmniDEL™ learning sessions are conducted. There are multiple (up to 20) micro-junctions for each mega-junction. Micro-junctions are generally set up in existing schools or institutes for easy accessibility for each learner.

  • Micro-Junction on Wheels is custom-designed vehicles with the facility to conduct an OmniDEL™ session on-the-go. These increase the accessibility and visibility of the learning programs. This is especially useful in reaching rural areas.

  • OmniDEL™ on line. All Academies are supported by OmniDEL™ On-line. All the members of the learning community can reap the benefits of e-Learning. This can be accessed by learners enrolled in the courses from their homes or from the Micro or Mega junctions. It expands the community and allows them to learn from each other and to access practice outside of the in-class learning. This on-line material is generally not the core instruction, but supplements the learning.

  • A key point about the OmniDEL™ campus is each houses multiple academies. Thus, we build capacity system wide so that our distribution network is fully utilized.