The AcademiesMiss India Academy


  • Very much like our India Idol Academy, we have had very promising discussions with Times of India who owns the Miss India Property.

  • The Academy would expand the focus to attract a larger segment than prospective beauty contestants - just as Idol Academy expands its focus to attract all kids who love to sing or want to learn

  • It would Cascading levels of courses that deal with a range of teen and young women’s issues, engaging adolescent girls and young women in a unique way that creates esteem-enhancing learning experiences, expanding their definition of Beauty:

    1) Looking your best: fashion, makeup, health and fitness
    2) romance, love and sex
    3) Western and traditional roles: finding your voice in work and at home.

  • Brand Tie-in:

  • The opportunities for sponsorship and brand tie-ins are too numerous to list – we can create competition among select brands to be involved.

  • LearningWare:

  • This is an Academy whose revenue potential justifies significant investment in LearningWare development. The premise of KarmYog Education Network will be powerful and important, as a force to coalesce young women as they seek greater respect and power in India. Full suites of LearningWare, support apps, web community are all critical pieces that make this a groundbreaking initiative. Like with India Idol Academy, the learning process is one that can be sustained for years through a very exciting Learning with the Legends program.

  • Distribution:

  • This is primarily an urban-based Academy that would leverage the KarmYog Junction distribution network being established to deliver Indian Idol.

  • Targets:

  • In 5 years, 500,000 annually Average annual revenue/student: Rs 5000, Target revenue: Rs 250 Cr.

  • Keys to Meeting Targets :

  • Brand association. The tone and approach of the OmniDEL™ learningware will attract significant positive press and will energize support from women leaders across India. The urban KarmYog Junction distribution network will be having a significant foothold established and this Academy will strengthen and solidify it.