The AcademiesMoney Matters Academy


  • Cascading levels of investment and financial planning targeted at India’s emerging middle class. The outcome of this Academy is an increasingly sophisticated investing and savingsstrategy that is produced at each stage of the Academy. This satisfies mutual funds requirement to offer investment education. The core learningware offers:

  • Basic financial literacy

  • Core financial planning and investment strategies for individuals

  • Evaluating financial products and forming your financial plan

  • In depth understanding of financial products

  • Brand Tie-in:

  • The power of our OmniDEL approach is we have mature technologies that allow us to build and maintain a data base of all learners – each person who attends any level of this Academy will have a personal financial plan that we will have captured. We will forward this plan to appropriate partners who are good fits for this plan’s execution, providing them a qualified and focused lead. Since mutual funds are required to provide investor education, our ability to leverage this to refer qualified customers is a strong differentiator.

  • LearningWare:

  • Among the most exciting elements of this Academy is we will develop a short introductory course (2-4 hours) that will quickly deliver value to consumers and our sponsors. The revenue/initial capital investment is projected to be our strongest out-of-the-gate performer.

  • Distribution:

  • This is primarily an urban program that would leverage the KarmYog Distribution Network.

  • Targets:

  • 5 years 400,000 annual participants, Average revenue/learner: Rs 3000, Revenue: Rs 120 Cr.

  • Keys to Meeting Targets :

  • Major urban areas like Mumbai are heavily concentrated with competing programs, albeit traditional train the trainer delivery models that we will be outperform in learning terms and cost/learner. However, the rest of India’s urban centers are deeply underserved. We believe this Academy is a prime candidate to implement our “Micro Junction on Wheels” approach, where we will deliver the Academy into housing societies and wherever our audience naturally congregates.