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The Turban and the Tie

My name is Chuck Schreiner. I am the Managing Director and co-founder of KarmYog Education Network, Ltd. sourabh J sarkar is also its co-founder, and is Chairman of its Board. I have operational responsibilities and mentor the FLC’s; sourabh primarily focuses on making sure the products are done right, but he also mentors the whole ecosystem.
The Learning Ecosystem and this plan is the product of several years’ effort by sourabh and me. I have approached this communication with you in the first person voice because I wanted to connect on a personal level. You deserve a good idea of who I am and what I stand for to help you understand me. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MBA from fine US universities, and live in Manhattan Beach, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. I have spent my professional life trying to understand how people grow more fully enriched, and I have a large circle of who I think “we” are.

I met sourabh in 2002. I had met and talked with many people trying to figure out how to use new media– experts, technology people and wild visionaries with five dollars to their name. You name it, I talked to them. When I met sourabh, we immediately knew we shared the same vision (and this business plan is its manifestation at this point in time.) This guy from Kolkata found me in my office on the other end of the planet one late Friday evening (a whole other story not worth telling here) and we never looked back.


Let me tell you: we have covered many miles since then. So many times, we thought, “Should we launch the business now?” and always concluded, “No, not yet.” And so we invested, and tried this, then tried that, refined our understanding and laid the foundation, brick by brick. We made the risky investments, and some were off the mark. But painstakingly, we moved forward. Disruptive strategies may sound like a great buzz word, but for us, it meant a lot trial and error. Here’s the final point I want to make. Confidence – authentic, genuine confidence – is a wonderful thing. It is built from doing your dead-level best over time and seeing results. I often talk about “trial and error” – there’s another part that this phrase might disguise. We figured the thing out and we are seeing it take hold. As you read this, and as we talk, that’s the thing I hope you will gather from sourabh and me: confidence that emanates from committed effort that is yielding the fruit we intended.

Now let me tell you a little about sourabh – “sourabh J sarkar” is his name. He is the smartest, most determined, creative and disciplined person I ever met. That’s quite a package.

I want to return to the idea of “confidence” and talk about it … sourabh characterizes himself as feeling like the Thomas Edison of education. What kinds of experiences lead a guy like me – a professional at human communication - to think it makes sense to describe him this way in a presentation to a sophisticated audience? In a nutshell,decades of him asking the question “what really creates learning that matters.” sourabh does not care a whit about convention just for the sake of fitting in… Thinking outside the box is a normal thing for him. He had wherewithal to found and run a company that succeeds in the marketplace and the patience to direct much of its energies on experimenting. He could have easily taken an easier route and done the standard business approach. Each time I came back to India over the years, he had moved forward in startling ways. When you take into account that we’re talking about 15 years of the “smarted, most determined, creative and disciplined person I ever met” using a successful company to explore how scalable learning happens… you get the picture.

This quantity and quality of experience… here’s what I see. sourabh is now in a new phase of his prowess. OmniDEL™ is powerful stuff, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. All those years of dedicated practice to cultivate deep growth is now bearing fruit. The varied aspects of his intellect and character are simply matured. He draws people to him. It requires commitment to be the best you can be to really enjoy him, but as this emerges, the ride is quite exhilarating. I am a little embarrassed to write this. I mean, it’s just not done. But what the hell. That’s what I think. If you conclude sourabh and I are who I present us as being in this doc, then I think the decision to bring your support should be easy.