Confluence of ExcellenceCOMMITTING THE SUM TOTAL

KEN founders and team members have committed their lives into this mission of serving humanity by helping revolutionise education, training and skill-development.

Some organizations work hard at inventing a mission statement because their real mission is to make money but they don’t think they should just come right out and say it. We also intend to make money, a lot of money, and it is a core value – the car doesn’t run without gas.

But there’s more going on in life than money for its own sake. There’s meaning and enjoyment and growth. These are also core values that KEN expresses in our intent to revolutionise the whole learning game.

What we know is there are millions who share our passion and who see things the way we do. If this is you, raise your hand so we can see you. We’d love to have you join in.