Confluence of ExcellenceThe Invitation

An abiding entrepreneurial spirit and a unique organizational culture combine with an attractive business proposition to bring talented and passionate experts into our team.

An Initiative like KEN requires great talent to add to our current team of 100 professionals. The venture is compelling and people are very interested in participating. Of course, the first requirement is to move to our next stage of capital funding. KEN is still seeking investment primarily from individuals rather than institutional funding.

There are two ways an investor may participate in the Ecosystem. Invest in KarmYog Education Network, Private Limited (KEN). KEN is accepting a limited number of investors into KEN who will guide and help us bring this mission forward. As a shareholder in KEN, investors will own equity in all its FLCs. If you are interesting in exploring these unique investment opportunities, please contact us.

Invest in a specific Academy though a Focused Learning Company. KEN’s focus is in creating value in the FLCs – these are the vehicles that will own the IP, generate the revenue, and where the exit for investors will be generated.