Confluence of ExcellenceEcosystem

Our core bedrock is we are world class at scaling effective learning experiences using media and technology. This is our DNA. We are educators for the Information Age.

There are two key points in this idea ... "scale" and "effective learning experience." To do anything meaningful in learning as nearly a billion people emerge from poverty in India, you have to do both.

Scale is both a technology and an organizational issue. The National Skill Development Corporation projects 316 million new jobs will be created in 20 industries in India over the next 10 years. These new entrants into the workforce will come from all walks of life – some will have internet access, but most will nott. Almost all will need skill development, but many will also need to adapt to a different culture than the one they know.

Responding to a challenge of this scale requires significant competencies. You have to be able to

  • Use media to educate in a way that attracts people.

  • Understand people’s real needs

  • Reach them on their own terms

  • The KarmYog ecosystem is constructed to do this

  • KarmYog Education Network is the pioneer of our OmniDEL™ approach, and it propagates this throughout its Academies. Its founders have decades of experience in running media-based training content and technology development. Our team is seasoned, our leadership is extraordinary, and our technologies mature and robust. This is education that attracts people.

  • It founds and nurtures Focused Learning Companies (“FLC”) who each have a focus on a specific industry or market niche. Each FLC is led by people from the industry who know the reality of its needs. An FLC may operate several Academies, each branded and focuses on a specific market demand. This is how we understand the real issues that need to be solved.

  • KarmYog Education system creates its OmniDEL™ Campus for distribution through the local partner, franchise network it is building, that will reach urban and rural audiences. We reach people in their own terms through this system of OmniDEL campuses.