sourabh J. sarkar is a visionary pioneer in so many areas of learning it is hard to put a simple description on him.
Chuck Schreiner, KEN’s MD – an American committed to increasing the reach and effectiveness of education – met sourabh almost a decade ago. Together they have painstakingly built KEN and an entire ecosystem to support access to meaningful learning by millions. Watch them in a fascinating conversation describing this journey.

In Summary

Educating at Scale

Our core bedrock is we are world class at scaling effective learning experiences using media and technology. This is our DNA. We are educators for the Information Age.

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KarmYog has always proposed radical new learning solutions, which has been recognized by NSDC in their award for Best Practice in Learning Methods 2013, conferred upon us.

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The Invitation

An abiding entrepreneurial spirit and a unique organizational culture combine with an attractive business proposition to bring talented and passionate experts into our team.

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The Commitment

KEN founders and team members have committed their lives into this mission of serving humanity by helping revolutionise education, training and skill-development.

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